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About t3 | UK

About t3|UK

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The t3|UK campus is a division of JGC Engineering and Technical Services which is a privately owned Caithness based company that was established in 1972 and has a current turnover in excess of £10m.

At t3|UK we are committed to providing customers with access to Mechanical, Electrical, Controls and Instrumentation design, build, test, commissioning and training delivery “under one roof”, capable of providing the right people with the right skills who are dedicated to

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producing a project to time and cost, thus enhancing client expectations and resolving many of the problems associated with sub contracting and multiple interfaces.

Over the past few years the company has built up a training delivery capacity, directly delivering training, and through a facilitative role, outsourced partner delivery, provided the local community with an integrated competence based portfolio of training interventions.

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